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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Being in full capacity as organizers of International projection mapping Contest Art Vision 2014, 10-14/10/14, Moscow, Russia, we would be delighted to have you among our participants.

    Please find below the Brief of the Art Vision 2014 Contest and other vital information about the event of this year.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Leonid Koshelev
    Art Vision International projection mapping Contest

    Please copy your correspondence to Contest@lightfest.ru

    4th Moscow international light&multimedia festival «Circle of Light»
    Moscow, Russia
    10-14th, October, 2014


    Moscow City Government http://www.mos.ru/en/index.php/
    Moscow Mass Media and Advertising Department http://www.mos.ru/en/authority/activity/culture/

    are proudly invite visual and media artists from all over the world to take part in International projection mapping contest Art Vision 2014.

    Art Vision Contest is an integral part of annually held Moscow international light & multimedia festival «Circle of Light» (http://www.lightfest.ru/en/).

    Theme of Contest 2014 «LIGHT AROUND THE WORLD»

    The Contest of 2014 will be held in three different nominations (=locations) that will be divided on general idea of projections shown:

    VDNH Pavilion 1 Art Vision Classic
    VDNH Pavilion 12 Art Vision Modern
    VDNH Pavilion 32 + Full scale model of Rocket Art Vision VJing Battle http://lightfest.ru/en/art-vision-contest/vj/

    During the contest, mapping video design groups from all over the world will be able to fully demonstrate their vision of 3D mapping video projections.

    One team may provide work for one, two or each of the Contest’s locations.

    We proudly announce that The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy” or VDNH (http://www.vvcentre.ru/eng) will host the Art Vision 2014.
    More pictures http://realty.rbc.ru/articles/30/04/2014/562949991355508.shtml

    Spacious territory of the biggest exhibition area in Europe offers numerous buildings and facades to light.

    Art Vision Classic http://lightfest.ru/files/ART_VISION_2014_CLASSIC_CONTEST_TECHBOOK_EN.pdf / 3d model of the building https://yadi.sk/d/udCXsTO6VpYAH
    Art Vision Modern http://lightfest.ru/files/ART_VISION_2014_MODERN_CONTEST_TECHBOOK_EN.pdf / / 3d model of the building https://yadi.sk/d/Nv_e4Lh-VpYWT
    VJing Battle http://lightfest.ru/files/ART_VISION_2014_VJ_CONTEST_TECHBOOK_EN.pdf / / 3d model of the building https://yadi.sk/d/6N_IJpKzVpYhi

    Three best works on each location (1st, 2nd, 3rd places) will be awarded with
    Art Vision Classic – 20 000 EUR/15 000 EUR/10 000 EUR
    Art Vision Modern – 15 000 EUR/10 000 EUR/5 000 EUR
    VJing Battle – 3 000 EUR/2 000 EUR/1 000 EUR

    DAVID ATKINS, one of the most remarkable Australian show director and producer, will act as a chairman of the ART VISION Contest in 2014.
    The list of projects realized by him includes such grand events as creation and production of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver (2010), Opening Ceremony for the World Expo in Shanghai (2010) along with accomplished works with dozens of international shows staged at the best venues worldwide.

    Each team is invited to submit
    =3 minute (180 seconds) custom made video
    + 1 minute (60 seconds) teaser / extract of the best moments from your 3 minutes video.

    One team is not more than 2 persons (=dbl room)
    Organizers will cover all expenses related to staying of each team in Moscow, including visa costs (http://lightfest.ru/en/art-vision-contest/classic/visa-information/), accommodation (http://www.hotelcosmos.ru), local transportation, meal, day cultural life and night out program, not to mention ability to attend educational program and other Festival events, excluding air tickets.

    The only thing which will not be covered is air fares. Participants at their own costs and preferences of travel get tickets to Moscow and back.

    We may present your work without physical presence in Moscow. If not coming, your participation to take part in the Contest will not be jeopardized and your work will be considered.

    You must apply online or send all the required material on Email.

    SELECTION PROCESS The selection process is divided on two parts:

    In order to take part in the Contest, please follow the deadlines:

    not later than July, 15th, 2014 participants should CONFIRM PARTICIPATION by sending to AVContest2014@gmail.com:
    • Entry application form (each location has its own application form)
    • Portfolio of previous works / showreel and/or exhibition list.
    • Be sure that Techbook of the Contest, including Template of each location for presentation of your work have been downloaded from http://www.lightfest.ru

    not later than July, 31st, 2014 participants should PROVIDE THE PRESENTATION OF WORK by sending to AVContest2014@gmail.com:
    • Presentation of Work in pdf format which will include:
    • synopsis (not more that 100 words)
    • Sketch up or scene selection using provided Templates of the façades (see Techbook for each location).

    Upon delivering requested materials, the selected artists will be invited to Moscow from October, 9th, 2014 (arrival day) till October, 15th, 2014 (departure day).

    not later than August, 10th, 2014 at the end of Contest Part 1, LIST OF PARTICIPANTS who were admitted will be ANNOUNCED on http://www.lightfest.ru

    not later than September, 10th, 2014 participants should PROVIDE TEASER of the Work
    Teaser of your work will be released on http://www.lightfest.ru, including social networks. The number of “likes” got while in social media will influence the physical number of the work during the final. Teaser should strictly follow the Techbook requirements. Teaser will also be posted on the venue days prior the final.

    not later than September, 25th, 2014 participants should PROVIDE WORK
    The clear and easy instruction how to provide your work will be sent to all participants admitted to the Contest this year.

    Should you need to obtain Russian visa, please find out more information about assistance provided from our side and your actions that are necessary to undertake by yourself in order to get visa.

    Regular consulate fee that will be paid by yourself at the Consulate/Embassy will be compensated to you in Moscow. Please bring original Consulate documents of the Consulate fee payment and we will return to you regular Consulate fee amount in cash.

    International projection mapping Contest ART VISION
    4th Moscow international light&multimedia festival «Circle of Light»

    AVContest2014@gmail.com Leonid Koshelev
    Contest@lightfest.ru Anna Koshlina

    Please copy your correspondence to Contest@lightfest.ru

    Have already been invited
    United Visual Artist / ONEDOTZERO / ANTIVJ / URBANSCREEN / NERDWORKING / MXZEHN / SCERTZO / Lightrhythm Visuals / PALNOISE / MACULA / 1024ARCHITECTURE / Constructive / RDV COLLECTIF / Immersive / SEEPER / vsquaredlabs / notabenevisual / NUFORMER / visualsystem / DRIVEPRODUCTION / Dirk Rauscher / Simon Geilfus / FADER / BRDG / BAILLAT CARDELL / Tigrelab / YANNICK JACQUET / Moment Factory / Neekoe / Tendril / ManvsMachine / The Mill / Julien Pietri / Strukt GmbH / Moooz / BKD / ENESS / Local Projects / Double g studios / Cinimod Studio / The Media Merchants / Zimoun / Max Cooper / White Kanga / Motion Boutique / ILLUMINARIUM3000 / Dabarti CGI Studio / ifworks / Obscura Digital / David Mórász / Aaron Koblin / Analog / Matt Frodsham / NYX French&French Visual Label / Quayola / EasyWEB / ROBERTO COSTANTINO / Spinifex Group / Strukt / SUPERBIEN / Tendril Design + Animation Inc. / Tomato Production / Veo seven / vgaforbreakfast / Videomapping Hungary / Visio-Vox / visualsystem / VJSpain / WLADART / vsquaredlabs / WECOMEINPEACE / White Kanga / WOW / / Zimoun / Visio-Vox / LIMELIGHT Projection / GAGATRACK / iii collective / Videogram / Modulate / Kalma / RMBit / Intercity-express / (formerly SALAD) / AliPhi / Tony Broyez / Sander van Dijk / CHANG_PARK / NONOTAK STUDIO / Klaus Obermaier / Alexandre Le Guillou / KIMCHI and CHIPS / 4youreye & Dornröschen / Okinawa69 / 4L / Alexander Gütsche / Afromulata / Ari Dykier / Avnode / Alo Allik / Daniel Vatsky / Ad Libitum Bsides / Afterlife AV / Alejandro Franco Briones / ANVEDI / ANgelaa / Abduct / ASEM / Buiten Gewoon / Booo / Chromatouch / CtrlAltLab / Computarte / Diarmo & L’Aubaine / Digital Experience Collective (DECOL) / David Hume / D1NG / Diaan / derubare / dr.mo / Delirium / esstro9 / Elektronik Meditation / Edmosh / Eee / eeo / Frouke ten Velden – VJ F / FAX / FLxER Team / Fluke / FreshFreshSalami / Gray Dawn /DeFunc Art / Giovanna & Kothylene / Hugues Clément / ionx / in4mal / Joel Zika / june74 / Jo Cucuz (Aka Jo Ta) / Experiments in Digital / Kanaka Project / L:ED / Kirkeby Kvalitet / Metamind – Diego / Manuel Chantre / mativa / mayer+empl / Mr Faff / M9P / mirella brandi e muepetmo / maricademichele / Miyö Van Stenis / NEOCORTEX / Naval Cassidy / Telenoika / proctocloud / Gábor Pribék / Kiégő Izzók / Glowing Bulbs visual group/ Partyeye / PPLC / Proembrion / Pixel Pixie / Qzerty + Enz Diniz / Rey Menta / R ND M / Reka Harsanyi / sinsynplus / STRBPRDTRS and many others

    CONTEST IN 2013
    Here are videos from last year event http://www.youtube.com/user/lightfestru/videos


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