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SVG link tag make the SVG black

I have a lovely random colored logo on the top left of my site The problem was that this svg could not be a link without breaking the color script. I tried to fix it several ways but finally found a ‘hack’ way to achieve what I wanted. Just draw a big rectangle on top and make it transparent. This is just before the closing svg tag.

Zbrush tilde key tiling alternative

If you like me can not find the tilde ~ key on your keyboard to get 2.5d to tile in Zbrush – here is the solution. I tried all keys people mention – the @ key the ” key – after I found the ~by opening the mac keyboard viewer – tiling still did not work in Zbrush.   There is a manual way to get the effect. Go to Layer -> displace.


Recent Premiere issue

I just made a film with som dynamical linked AE comps. Now I want to make an language version like AE_ENG.. but how do I swap the new comp into the premiere project. This worked.

(From creative cow forum)

[Demian Krentz] “The offline/re-link option doesn’t work, but pointing to a master AE pre-comp does.”

interesting. where does it fail exactly? I have tested this now and this works for me.

1. I have a live Ae composition as a clip in premiere
2. in Ae I create another version
3. in premiere I right click on the live composition in my timeline->make offline->files remain on disk (make a shortcut if you need to do this a lot)
4. in premiere right click->link media-> locate ->find the new aep file and click OK

My conductive hack DIY for a pressure sensitive button on my VR glasses

At my current class in VR we are working on Google cardboards. But the image quality is really a problem with my small iphone6. I have a hardcase VR glasses that I got a much nicer view in -but the problem was they got no button. It was quite easy to make a magnet button (just put a magnet on the outside cover) but really as in REALLY difficult to get a touch button fixed. I could not find any foil that worked som I ended up tearing apart som other cardboard glasses I had in stock.

Here is an image of my hack. To get some space to the screen I drilled a hole in side of the plastick. Glued the conductive paper to a bended metal strip.  No I will probably go buy some other glasses soon – but it works for now.



Two tricks in InDesign

Why can’t I copy/paste from word and keep the formatting like bold etc.??

You can. Just go to preferences -> clipboard handling and select keep formatting. If you want another font you can swap bold and regular by using the menu type -> find font feature!

How do I import from Excel into datamerge – it keeps coming up with errors?

Well – use Google Sheets instead and export as CSV. or

  1. Check that there are no empty columns first/middle
  2. Keep single words in first row
  3. Check that there are no hidden columns.
  4. export as TAB seperated values
  5. Close the document before importing into InDesign

Hope that worked for you.



How do I reduce the Keynote filesize

You probably love keynote. Or well I do compared to powerpoint anyways. Not that either of them are super great. Our company Keynote prensentation often needed to be modified prior to different meetings. Therefore we made a MOTHER PRESENTATION that contained all slides. The presentation was a wopping 2 GB and with all the duplicate presentations we suddenly had 5-10 GB used on this – eventually slowly killing all the laptops. With a cloud sharing work flow we could never get it down in time for the meetings. This is when we decided we need to reduce the Keynote filesize!


So do you reduce the Keynote filesize ?

There are some simple steps to follow when making you presentation – but also a lot of things you can do to optimise it if you are in the same situation as us.

Pre optimise:

  • Link to movies – don’t embed them. Yes this is possible. Go to preferences -> general and uncheck “copy audio and movies to document”. Restart Keynote and when you now import a movie (shift+command+v) it is not embedded into the Keynote file. This way multiple presentations can share the same movie.
  • Reduce you movie filesize by using the in app function. Or use Adobe Media encoder – selecting “same setting as document, medium bitrate.”
  • Always make sure you images are no larger than 1920px the maximum view size. And always save them as .jpg and not .png (lossless), before importing them into keynote.
  • Always import images to have control. Dont paste them from a pdf or drag the from the web.

Post optimise:

  • Reduce filesize. Go to the keynote menu file->advanced->Reduce file size.
  • Inspect you document. Go to File->advances->select  filetype-> package. Now you can right click the presentation file and say “open package” – then open the data folder and sort by size. You can now see which files in you document that is causing trouble.
  • Re-link movies. Delete movies from the presentation and re-link them as described above.
  • Edit big images. You can copy a image out of the data folder. Reduce its filesize and save it anywhere. Then from keynote you select the image and chose replace and locate your new file.

That is how you reduce the Keynote filesize!

Fullscreen video from a slide with a small video image ?

I thought I would share how to make your video play fullscreen if they a placed on a slide with other elements. In the context menu “build in” should be start movie on click. Then select actions and add “move”. Move to video to the center. Then Select “add action” and “scale” thus scaling the video to fit the frame. Complete it by pressing “build order in the bottom and choose “start after build 1” for the move and “with build 2” for the scale. Done!