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A deep experience

How incredible . Yet another flash game which surprises and finds new ways of telling a story through the game as a medium. The game Loved is a short, quite easy (which is both good imo) and a totally great experience. (just like shadow game). I didnt really get the ending so please tell me how you interpret it. I really like the small details in this game – like the way you die , and the whole concept that you are not in control. hurry up and try it out.

(via jayisgames)

My kind of game. Simple, well scripted and beautiful

The shadow game is a small and nice flash games by wmarsh on armorgames.

This is what I like:

  • Its shorts to complete; approx. 5-15 min
  • The gameplay is a really good idea. You hide in the shadows.
  • Its done with wonderful scripting and care. Nice physics and cool lighting.

A small but great experience – try it.

What could be better

  • It is a little bit too easy, and I miss a story. It would be great with a visual ending.

Play the game and tell me what you think

The warcraft civilization – New book

I found an interview with William Sims Bainbridge (via. CultureLab) who just finished a study on warcraft and human behaviour in virtual worlds. Many interesting point of views – would be nice to read the whole thing.

He arguments that the data in the virtual worlds should be logged and saved to be presereved like any other important world history artifact. I agree – his point about the virtual worlds impact on our current world culture should be saved for future studies. But also the fact that the virtual worlds themselves change. For me (im an 3 year ex. wow player) some vivid memories from a period of my life is almost entirely from warcraft experiences – Since that game continues to evolve some of thoose memories places will soon no longer exits (the upcoming wow realease end 2010- sending players back to old Azeroth).

Very interesting.

Read it here