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My conductive hack DIY for a pressure sensitive button on my VR glasses

At my current class in VR we are working on Google cardboards. But the image quality is really a problem with my small iphone6. I have a hardcase VR glasses that I got a much nicer view in -but the problem was they got no button. It was quite easy to make a magnet button (just put a magnet on the outside cover) but really as in REALLY difficult to get a touch button fixed. I could not find any foil that worked som I ended up tearing apart som other cardboard glasses I had in stock.

Here is an image of my hack. To get some space to the screen I drilled a hole in side of the plastick. Glued the conductive paper to a bended metal strip.  No I will probably go buy some other glasses soon – but it works for now.



Using wordpress custom fields to control the background.

Read on if you want to change your page background with custom fields.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.40.30

Im no developer – but I still do some coding and it is the most fantastic feeling when you get some code working after battling with it for some time. I had an idea to be able from a wordpress post to change the background – dynamically. Setting the background once with a custom field was “easy”. I just used this code in my header (stolen somewhere on the www.) .

 $css = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'css', true);
 if (!empty($css)) { ?>
 <style type="text/css">
 <?php echo $css; ?>
 <?php }

But I wanted to be able to swap it so I found this jquery code I could add in  my page template. Just had to remember to enque jquery in the functions.php.

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Turn your Tactilo game into a custom “Little circuit”.

Recently some of my friends had the game “little circuit” from Djeco games and I successfully played it with my 3 year old daughter. To make it a little more fun to play I just had to change the rules a little. Anyway it is a great game for small kids – and home we have another great board game from Djeco called Tactilo. The next day I got the idea that we could use Tactilo to make our own version of little circuit. So here is what we did:

1: cut the PS4 box and unfolded it to a long game board.
2: Then we grabbed 5 colour markers and drew a path which we the randomly coloured in different colours (blue,red,yellow, purple). Then we used a green to add details.
3; We drew 2 traps – but you don’t need those.
4: Then i found an old dice and som label stickers. Luckily the dice was big. We cut out six square stickers – drew one colour on each of the first 4 and the a Bee and a Flower on the last two.
5: Glue them on the dice. Use the animals from Tactilo as playing pieces and the other bricks as tokens.
6: Done!

Ok here is my rule changes if you wan’t to try:
– all pick an animal and start in one end.
– When you roll the dice jump to the colour you roll. if there is another player go to the next field with the rolled colour.
– If you roll a flower , take a token and jump to the next field matching the colour where you are now.
– If you roll a bee, loose a token and go back to the previous same colour (little kids might not like this rule:)
– Custom traps. Only if you roll the same colour as the trap or a flower you may continue. (bee dont do anything here)
– When a player gets to the end zone he/she get 1 token and the game ends.
– The one with most tokens WIN.

Custom Circuit

maybe you didnt notice .. BUT got a new site design

Thank you for reading this journal “Hooked“. If you back up and go to the main site it has been redesigned with a lot of personal & professional work. It has been designed for viewing on the Ipad and smartphones – It got a cool menu that flows around.. unfortunately it floats a bit too much when viewed on chrome.. well I cant fix it – im only a semi-nerd.

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