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SVG link tag make the SVG black

I have a lovely random colored logo on the top left of my site The problem was that this svg could not be a link without breaking the color script. I tried to fix it several ways but finally found a ‘hack’ way to achieve what I wanted. Just draw a big rectangle on top and make it transparent. This is just before the closing svg tag.

Zbrush tilde key tiling alternative

If you like me can not find the tilde ~ key on your keyboard to get 2.5d to tile in Zbrush – here is the solution. I tried all keys people mention – the @ key the ” key – after I found the ~by opening the mac keyboard viewer – tiling still did not work in Zbrush.   There is a manual way to get the effect. Go to Layer -> displace.


Two tricks in InDesign

Why can’t I copy/paste from word and keep the formatting like bold etc.??

You can. Just go to preferences -> clipboard handling and select keep formatting. If you want another font you can swap bold and regular by using the menu type -> find font feature!

How do I import from Excel into datamerge – it keeps coming up with errors?

Well – use Google Sheets instead and export as CSV. or

  1. Check that there are no empty columns first/middle
  2. Keep single words in first row
  3. Check that there are no hidden columns.
  4. export as TAB seperated values
  5. Close the document before importing into InDesign

Hope that worked for you.