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Recent Premiere issue

I just made a film with som dynamical linked AE comps. Now I want to make an language version like AE_ENG.. but how do I swap the new comp into the premiere project. This worked.

(From creative cow forum)

[Demian Krentz]¬†“The offline/re-link option doesn’t work, but pointing to a master AE pre-comp does.”

interesting. where does it fail exactly? I have tested this now and this works for me.

1. I have a live Ae composition as a clip in premiere
2. in Ae I create another version
3. in premiere I right click on the live composition in my timeline->make offline->files remain on disk (make a shortcut if you need to do this a lot)
4. in premiere right click->link media-> locate ->find the new aep file and click OK