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Something FPS games should explore

BF & COD and many others – I’ve play and like them all. Each FPS have their own qualities and feel to them but in my opinion something “between the combat” is really missing in the general FPS. Well ok – XP and upgrades and new weaponry is something that is reflecting the typical RPG gameplay. But to center everything around action is not utilizing the potential of a FPS.

Like fishing can be a enjoyment from the hectic battle scenes and still contribute to the atmosphere of the game. Im know people hunger for action – im not saying the COD model is bad .. it could just be a great variant to the FPS scene. Some movies have action 2h straight – others try to create lows and highs in the experience.

Do I make any sense.? “Last of Us” try to put a game layer in between the multiplayer games – but its just topping on the cake – not integrated into it.

Maybe the problem with my wish is that its hard to combine with “realistic” warfare games. What should you do besides fighting. weaponsmithing..nah – riding the train? camping?..Im not sure – but somthing is missing – more “gamelaxing”.