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Turn your Tactilo game into a custom “Little circuit”.

Recently some of my friends had the game “little circuit” from Djeco games and I successfully played it with my 3 year old daughter. To make it a little more fun to play I just had to change the rules a little. Anyway it is a great game for small kids – and home we have another great board game from Djeco called Tactilo. The next day I got the idea that we could use Tactilo to make our own version of little circuit. So here is what we did:

1: cut the PS4 box and unfolded it to a long game board.
2: Then we grabbed 5 colour markers and drew a path which we the randomly coloured in different colours (blue,red,yellow, purple). Then we used a green to add details.
3; We drew 2 traps – but you don’t need those.
4: Then i found an old dice and som label stickers. Luckily the dice was big. We cut out six square stickers – drew one colour on each of the first 4 and the a Bee and a Flower on the last two.
5: Glue them on the dice. Use the animals from Tactilo as playing pieces and the other bricks as tokens.
6: Done!

Ok here is my rule changes if you wan’t to try:
– all pick an animal and start in one end.
– When you roll the dice jump to the colour you roll. if there is another player go to the next field with the rolled colour.
– If you roll a flower , take a token and jump to the next field matching the colour where you are now.
– If you roll a bee, loose a token and go back to the previous same colour (little kids might not like this rule:)
– Custom traps. Only if you roll the same colour as the trap or a flower you may continue. (bee dont do anything here)
– When a player gets to the end zone he/she get 1 token and the game ends.
– The one with most tokens WIN.

Custom Circuit

Surreal game – Concept art

Here are some artwork from the online puzzle/point´and´click -flash game we are currently developing at TBWA for the The Danish Institute for Informative Labelling, also known as “Varefakta”.
The game is called “Bagsiden tur-retur” (A roundtrip to the backside) and is currently in production and will go live mid Oct.

A deep experience

How incredible . Yet another flash game which surprises and finds new ways of telling a story through the game as a medium. The game Loved is a short, quite easy (which is both good imo) and a totally great experience. (just like shadow game). I didnt really get the ending so please tell me how you interpret it. I really like the small details in this game – like the way you die , and the whole concept that you are not in control. hurry up and try it out.

(via jayisgames)

My kind of game. Simple, well scripted and beautiful

The shadow game is a small and nice flash games by wmarsh on armorgames.

This is what I like:

  • Its shorts to complete; approx. 5-15 min
  • The gameplay is a really good idea. You hide in the shadows.
  • Its done with wonderful scripting and care. Nice physics and cool lighting.

A small but great experience – try it.

What could be better

  • It is a little bit too easy, and I miss a story. It would be great with a visual ending.

Play the game and tell me what you think