Heart of Bollnäs

Art installment. Lead artist

Sculpture & projection mapping

I was very pleased when I was invited together with other selected artists to give our proposal on how the new auditorium in "Folkets-Hus" should be decorated. The invitation came from the acknowledged Swedish paper artist Inger Drougge-Carlberg.
My creative proposal for an installation in the foyer was chosen and I started to flesh out the idea of a living sculpture - The Heart of Bollnäs.

To the right: Prototype model 1:1

Below you see a film of the final sculpture in action.

Co-artist on the project: Tobias Elling.


The core of the Heart evolved from the  'zooming' in on the Heart of Sweden. There was a lot of experiments on how to map the Sculpture. The final shape of the sculpture was drawn in CAD an all angles measured before being sent to the CNC machine. The carpenter seemed surprised how well everything fitted together. The final two parts were assembled and spray-lacquered on location.

We did not use a mapper program so the final image had distortions pre-rendered. My co-artist built a custom player to randomise clips and sound all day. There was two main ways I constructed the distorted image. 1 by just rendering a matching 3d scene in C4d and the second was an AE 3d composition where a sub comp had been positioned and masked to match. Great fun. 

At the bottom of the page you see how convincing the mapping is just on a 1:5scale model.

The colors below was the art mural painted on the surfaces on location.


No mess

Corona hit everyone. And everything close to brand experience live was canceled for the year out. Luckily we can reach our clients with online webinars etc. For this mini-series, we wanted to challenge the way you usually experience a webcast. Which is normally the speaker's own webcams in 16:9 format placed somewhere on the screen if it is fancy, Here we see vertical cropping of the speakers giving a completely fresh look. And that is also helped with the purple backdrops we sent out to them.  The webinar was hosted on ON24 where we carefully set up the design so the player window looked great in the room view.


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