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Various work, Concept & execution.


The GIF at the top was actually my preferred version of this IBM ad. To the right, you see the final animation I delivered in a much simple universe but still delivering the story.

In an often soundless feed your story might as well be text driven.

Breaking the rules

An organic social ad for an IBM quiz game will most likely drown in their own flood of content unless you really make it stand out. And this one really does that. 



Not the traditional emotion - but a notsalgic emotion. The best thing about working with a young brand is that they often dare to challenge the ordinary. This is why I had so many good creative opportunities working with MobilePay. Like this one - a simple ad, informing our audience that you can now pay Falck with MobilePay. 

To catch the eye we created a pixel animation -looking like a game from the 80'ies (like SpyHunter, first GTA or similar).

Below we have a series of challenging posts for WeShare. Not often you get to make an ad with the devil for a big corporate bank.  



Audience humor

Talking to an audience in a way that only they get - can be a valuable way to tap into humor and making your message memorable.

Each year there is a large fair in Las Vagas called IBIE. GEA and other food industry companies attend to show off their latest food product line equipment. So the simple visual idea here is to combine the slot machine with food symbols - and the winning combination is of course GEA. When this shows up in your b2b food industry feed you will likely give it second glance.


Selected Works

When Tech SparksWebinar concept

Pakke dk RedesignUx/Ui Design

Out of the OrdinarySocial Media

Heart of BollnäsArt installation

Code of conductIllustration

Star impactUnity VFX

IBM WatsonExplainer Animation

NordeaEVP Campaign

Danske BankInfographic

MiljøministerietPublic Campaign

GEAExplainer film

Mobile PayB2B Animation

IBMExhibition Design

Panzer GeeksGame Art Direction

Burning BearBrand identity design

Take Me HomeProduct design

Ørsted DayExperience design