This is Jørgen.

Idea, 3d sculpts, Set design, storyboard, animation, lightning, everything. 

Watson explained as a case

IBM Launched Watson Explorer with local language functionality and wanted to promote the AI possibilities. One of the first cases was a danish company that could use the AI as a helping tool for the phone supporters in the company. So we decided not to film a case film but to make a more appealing and generic story other company could relate to. It tells the story about the classic know it all persons every company has. The ones that are hard to replace. We called him Jorgen. 

We did additional two shorter stories to get additional b2b messages told.



Rigging and animation

To create a fully animated film - even if it only 2 minutes and CGI, is a huge task. We wanted our protagonist and the film to make you smile and that is why I choose to make a puppet style rig where I could animate one part and the other parts would wobble funny along. In the newest release of C4D this is solved with a toon rig.  As you can see in the preview here - there was quite a few features in this little rig.


Selected Works

When Tech SparksWebinar concept

Pakke dk RedesignUx/Ui Design

Out of the OrdinarySocial Media

Heart of BollnäsArt installation

Code of conductIllustration

Star impactUnity VFX

IBM WatsonExplainer Animation

NordeaEVP Campaign

Danske BankInfographic

MiljøministerietPublic Campaign

GEAExplainer film

Mobile PayB2B Animation

IBMExhibition Design

Panzer GeeksGame Art Direction

Burning BearBrand identity design

Take Me HomeProduct design

Ørsted DayExperience design