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EVP Podcast

Art Direction, Concept, Design, Motion Design

How to get a message out to 30.000 employees.

Every big company has an employee value proposition. But how do you get everybody on board internally on this vision? We suggested a series of podcasts called Norda Vibes. That would communicate the EVP through dialogue and engaging content. By creating engaging content and a platform for conversation, we connect the employees to the heart of the EVP. Every podcast was released as sound and with video footage. Other than being part in the whole concept development – I edited all the video Episode that was recorded in a three-camera studio setup.


No mess

Corona hit everyone. And everything close to brand experience live was canceled for the year out. Luckily we can reach our clients with online webinars etc. For this mini-series, we wanted to challenge the way you usually experience a webcast. Which is normally the speaker's own webcams in 16:9 format placed somewhere on the screen if it is fancy, Here we see vertical cropping of the speakers giving a completely fresh look. And that is also helped with the purple backdrops we sent out to them.  The webinar was hosted on ON24 where we carefully set up the design so the player window looked great in the room view.


I worked on several ident CGI openings for the online show..  


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A simple online page were created on Nordea's website to be a hub for the Episodes..


Selected Works

When Tech SparksWebinar concept

Pakke dk RedesignUx/Ui Design

Out of the OrdinarySocial Media

Heart of BollnäsArt installation

Code of conductIllustration

Star impactUnity VFX

IBM WatsonExplainer Animation

NordeaEVP Campaign

Danske BankInfographic

MiljøministerietPublic Campaign

GEAExplainer film

Mobile PayB2B Animation

IBMExhibition Design

Panzer GeeksGame Art Direction

Burning BearBrand identity design

Take Me HomeProduct design

Ørsted DayExperience design